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New feature: Auto-Invest payout

One of the features that has been requested by some of our users since we started our Beta, is the option to automatically invest the Masternode payout to new Masternode shares. In the last version (v0.5.0 changelog), we added instant buying from the Marketplace. This allows users to purchase shares from other users from active Masternodes, preventing the need to lock coins in presale Masternodes, yielding no reward. We have now extended this feature, letting users automatically purchase shares from the Marketplace using the Masternode payouts.

How to enable (as of v0.6.0)

Enabling Auto-Invest is easy, and is done on a Masternode-to-Masternode basis. It can be enabled for both Community and Hosted Masternodes. All you need is at least 1 active share.

  1. Head to the Masternode page
  2. Click the "Enable now" button next to Auto-Invest
    Auto-Invest Disabled
  3. A pop-up modal will confirm that you want to enable this feature. Click "Enable Now"
    Confirm Enable Auto-Invest
  4. The page will reload and it will say Enabled next to Auto-Invest
    Auto-Invest Enabled
  5. Repeat this process for any other Masternode you want to enable Auto-Invest for
  6. Wait for the next payout. Shares will be purchased automatically if you meet the requirements outlined below.

How it works

Payouts from all shares that you have enabled Auto-Invest for will be combined to one purchase amount. Right after the payout is completed, it will attempt to purchase this combined amount from the Marketplace.

Please note:

  • If the combined payout is less than 1 share, no shares will be bought.
  • If there's a limited supply on the Marketplace, it will buy as many as possible, but not more than the combined payout amount.
  • Auto-Invest will only run once, right after the payout. Even though the payout wasn't automatically invested in new shares, it will not make further attempts.

More changes

This feature is a part of the v0.6.0 release. In addition to this new feature, some smalle changes were made. A full list of changes can be found in the v0.6.0 changelog.